About York

York Developments is a family operated business with strong ties to London, Ontario. Not only has London been a place for York Developments to grow, but also place where our family has been born and raised.

Over the years, York Developments has established a comprehensive set of  strengths which allows us to be innovators and leaders in our community.

As one of the most predominant development companies in London, York has one of the largest and most active development pipelines in London.  York is truly a multi-disciplinary developer, creating space with a pulse, for people to live harmoniously, work more innovatively, and enriches the quality of life.

York Developments is actively working on 10 new commercial developments and 11 new residential developments; from luxury high-rise rentals, boutique condominiums, building revitalization, big box retail, and mixed-use office and retail space, all set in highly sought out locations.

York Developments recognizes the importance of community. York practices a full-spectrum approach throughout all phases of development. From acquisition and project development, to construction and ongoing management, we committed to shaping our communities.

Our Service Offerings

  • Site Selection & Acquisition
  • Municipal Planning
  • Engineering
  • Rezoning
  • Property Use Repositioning
  • Project Budgeting & Financial Structuring
  • Commercial Construction & Project Management
  • Residential Construction & Project Management
  • Leasing and Tennant Acquisition
  • Brownfield Redevelopment


  • LSTAR Commercial Repurpose – The Cube (Talbot Street) – 2017
  • LSTAR Commercial New – West Rock, Building 9 – 2021




We are always looking for staff who exemplify effective listening, creative problem solving and knowledge. If that sounds like you send us a copy of your resume.